So here i am,a mama who’s single but surviving…

My names Julie and i’m forty three (how did that happen?!).I have two wonderful children.Anastasia,seventeen and Atticus who’s four(also how did that happen?!)

For the last seventeen years i have predomenaitly been a full time mummy.In that time i’ve worked as a credit agent(stressful to the max!) And also managed a Bodyshop party buisness.

I split from Anastasia’s dad when i was pregnant and became a happy single mum until i met her stepdad when she was just over one.In the next ten years we travelled(ibiza becoming one of my great loves)loved,created memories and married with Anastasia at my side as a bridesmaid.

As life happens we parted in 2010 and divorced a few years later.In 2014 my son Atticus came into the world.He also has a father who adores him and we are successfully raising him separatly but happier.

Becoming a mum to Atticus gave me a second chance at motherhood which i honestly never thought i’d have.I like to think i’m a better mother now,more mellow and certainly more relaxed.

Times approching for Atticus to start full time school(what?!) And with this comes maybe a little more freedom to explore a career of my own.Whilst feeling a little lost in the world of work and for the moment undecided where i want to go with it i find myself here wanting to share my journey past,present and future.

I adore clothes,anything astetically pleasing,intereiors,,my vw beetle and yes,coffee.

I hope to share tips on all the above as well as money management,or lack of!,relationship issues,mama struggles and well everything really.

Being authentic is key to me and for you so i will always aim to be real,good or bad but always just my way…..

So if you have read this far you might as well stick around……….xxx



3 thoughts on “Hello

  1. this is actually Amazing! i have a fan account if Ana, and this really got me when reading this! we all love you’ can’t wait for what the future brings!! x


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