My love for Homesence…the lure of the red sticker.

Homesence,just saying it or hearing it fills me with some type of excitement.

I’ve loved interiors and making a home look good for as far back as i can remember.My poor ex husband…i face lifted the whole of our marital home,well he did,i done the designing and shopping part!

Even now,in the two homes i’ve had since,seeking and buying nice items for my home makes me so happy.It is amazing what a new succulent in a pretty pot or a print where the words really touch you can do.

I’m also of the age now where i don’t even apologise for it.Also one of the plus’s to living alone,i don’t have to!

There is really nowhere more suitable to feed my addiction.Its the place where i can go with ten pounds in my purse to spend(this is the case more often than not) and I KNOW i’ll find an item or items for my home that i’ll love and will make me happy when i look at them.

Isn’t that what shopping should truly be?

Of course half of the enjoyment is to be found looking in homesence THEN purchasing.Rows and rows of gorgeous plant pots,cushions,pictures and candles…oh my the candles.No matter how many times i tell myself i have enough just one more won’t hurt will it?

The smells,the packaging,the textures and the cheap prices….Which brings me to the pinacle of homesence.


My favourite part.Over the years i’ve found so manygood items in these sections and come out even happier when i do! The picture shows the results of my latest trip.(i try to go about once a month).The baking trays were ONE POUND each from seven pound each.It made my day.Like i said it’s the little things.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you have you’r own home or just you’r own room,take a tenner,even a fiver(at times i have) and i guarantee you’ll find a great item and have a great time.

Happy Hunting!

This post is not sponsored by homesence(if only)

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