Why i wear a red string bracelet…..

My red string is always on my left wrist.In fact i find it almost impossible to leave the house without it.The only way to explain it is”i just don’t feel right” when it’s not there on me.

Over the years my ‘religion’ and belief system has changed greatly.Eighteen years ago my only faith was catholisism.I wouldn’t stray from it and i was determined to raise my daughter Anastasia as such.I began learning to drive simply so she could attend the catholic school which was in the next town to where we lived.She was baptised and we attended church.My beliefs and views were solid.I was very anti-abortion and anti-divorce.MY views on everything were very black and white certainly no ‘grey area’.

Now i sit here as a much changed person with completly different views and a stronger sense of self.Instead of trying to inflict a certain belief system on others its much easier to just let them be themselves and to do whatever makes them happy….because that is all that realky matters.

Over the last eight years or so i cam honestly say i have fully lived life in a way i didn’t before which has led to my change of thoughts on practically everything.

Yes i belive in a higher power.

Yes i belive everything that happens to us is pre-destined.

Yes i belive that we live by design.

I certainly belive in karma.I’ve explored buddhism and delved slightly into kabbalah which is where the rest string comes into play.

I wear it as a constant reminder of my faith and beliefs.

Be kind always and if you can’t…learn to say nothing atall.

I belive it keeps away and certainly protects me from negativity and negative people.

It makes me feel i belong to something more powerful than we’ll ever know.

I would love both my children to wear the red string but of course that has to be their choice.

Its best to wear the red stri g on you’r left wrist as that is the closet to the heart,the receiving side of us.

My first bracelet was from amazon.it came with a prayer to say as the bracelet was being tied on.sadly it soaked up so much negativity it simply wouldn’t stay on.i tied it in the tightest knot possible but woyld randomly slide off!(apperently this is very common).I decided that paticular bracelet could take no more and i purchased the one i have now from Topshop of all places! and it stays firmly put!!

A red string is whatever you want it to be…..most importantly its your’s.

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